Thursday, 3 March 2011

NOTD- Late to the Instant Effects Party!

Yesterday my foray into Boots ended up with me spotting 2 for £5 offer on all Barry M nail paints, and taking advantage of it to finally get the Instant Nail Effect black crackle polish. My other choice was 3in1 topcoat/basecoat/nail hardener, as none of the coloured nail paints really stood out to me. I liked Coral, but it looks like my ELF Fire Coral shade, I liked Raspberry, but its similar to ELF Rosy Raisin, and pastel sweet shades were cute, but I know I can get the similar colour selection from MUA at even lower price.

It took me a while to figure out which base I want to use under the crackle. I wanted something bright and yet sweet- so I chose ELF Passion Pink. I don't like this nail polish on its own- its a weird semi-matte orangey pink with almost non-existent gold shimmer when it dries, and its coral undertone is brought out even more by a glossy topcoat. It is pretty, but its neither bright nor really pastel, so I find it hard to coordinate with what I wear (not that I always match my nails to clothes :p)
But layered with black crackle it looks pretty cool! If I say so myself... I'll let pictures convince you

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