Tuesday, 19 July 2011

NOTD-Avon Violetta Sparkle (Not to be confused with Avon Matte Violetta)

I was unsure about this one when I was ordering it from catalogue. It looked indigo, with sparse silver sparkle which seemed pretty enough, but not that special.
As it happens with Avon polishes fairly often, the promo swatch looked nothing like it does in real life (surprise, surprise). For starters, whilst being cool toned and with a blue edge, Violetta Sparkle was definitely purple, with only a hint of indigo. Nor was the sparkle silver- it was gold, which in combination with purple blew me away.
I'll let the swatches convince you ;)
Under sunlight:
forgive my ragged cuticles. You can just about see the sparkles on the nail, and an explosion of gold in the bottle

Under electric light.
The glitter-sparkle practically glows here. But my fingers looks oily (eww)
This is under sunlight, again, after 2 days wear. You an see a bit of tipwear, but considering I don't protect my nails with gloves or anything, its fairly good. Wear is even, with no obvious chips. I used OPI RapidDry topcoat here, which isn't bad but results in dents sometimes (boo :()
Application wasn't too bad- the polish is thin (as is often the case with Avon shimmer polishes), but it lies evenly across the nail, and  the handle is easy to manipulate. Its best to spread a very thin first coat, and wait for it to dry, following with two thicker coats, allowing plenty of drying time between each to prevent dents/sheet marks> The first coat is very patchy, but subsequent coats have evened it out. The surface of the polish when dried feels weird- not gritty as such, but ever so slightly bumpy. It also dries to a semi-matte which downplays the fine shimmer, so a glossy topcoat is recommended.
Overall, this is pretty unique combo for me, and I love looking at the sparkle when light hits it- its very subtle and elegant, and yet very pretty! Not in the same league as Mermaid, but sometimes subtle prettiness is preferred to in-your-face stunner :)
Removal was easy for a glitter nail polish- maybe because glitter was really fine, but it was a quick affair with no fuss.

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