Wednesday, 7 December 2011

17 Fury

Somehow, all the posts I have made recently disappeared. So this post is a reincarnation of the one I made earlier today. Take that, Blogger!
Boy, am I late to this party. This nail polish was hotly discussed as a potential dupe for Peridot, that amazing golden green that costs like, £17 or something. Crazy.
Fury turned out to be not-quite-similar and I just dismissed it as "another metallic", and only bought it to get a Femme Noire gift with purchase. I already selected their (17's) mirror shine lippie as my item number one and grabbed the first nail polish that caught my eye. My eye was a winner that day, because I seriously dig this polish

It reminds me of wheat fields, with green grasses peeking through the vast expanses of gold.Am I poetic or what? :p
The green is more visible under low light, whilst sunlight makes the gold shine brightly, nd brings out the pretty fine sparkle.
Application wise it was funny; first coat smooth as butter, second a bit draggy because it dries so fast. The coats have to be fairly thick and fast, which makes it a bit brushstrokey. But it doesn't bother me much.
It tends to chip quickly, though I haven't used a topcoat. I love the fact that it dries fast. I hate waiting for hours to dry my manicure and then getting a bloody dent.

Conclusio: a subtle green shift does not a Peridot make, but it does make this gold very interesting. And it not just the green hue, its the rich, sumptuous gold with a gleam that sets it above the usual pale,yellowy golds. The richness of colour makes it a good choice for autumn.
17's Fury retails for around £3.99 and is sold in Boots (instore and online)

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