Friday, 6 January 2012

W7 Metallic Neptune

Another W7 duochrome gem! My local Savers has W7 Metallic Planets in stock still, so I hope I could buy Saturn and Mars soon (as soon as I have money, after my recent splurges)
This one I didn't like at first because it was a bit dark and boring to me. But I was mean to it, because it really glows with a subtle green glow, and is far from being boring:

The black base lets green-purple duochrome shine through and I can see some small green glass flecks, which only adds to its coolness. The purple colour shift is harder to capture on camera, an
d is only visible in stronger lights (third picture from the top).
I really like the bottle design o W7's polishes, it reminds me of OPI bottles, but less rounded.
I also decided to ttry it with a silver crackle topcoat (George at Asda), but it failed to wow me. The crackle is too fine and you don't see much colour underneath:

Metallic Neptune is from a limited edition collection, but can be tracked either in TK Maxx, Savers or online. They are getting sold out everywhere though!

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