Thursday, 23 February 2012

Accessorize Pin Up Nail Polish

This is one of my top 20 nail polishes, and considering that I have more than a hundred now, this is a high praise indeed. I bought it on an impulse, after spotting a 3for2 offer on all Accessorize Cosmetics in Superdrug. I already had my eye on Aztek and Bronze (Illusion range) and this was the the one I picked on random. At first I was disappointed with it, because despite having a smooth, lovely formula, it dried to a weird, dull finish without showing much of the sparkle and glitter that was present in  the bottle. I was really vexed with it, until I realised I should have used a topcoat. Result: no dusty looking ugliness and all the sparkle!
I found out that it benefits from a relatively thick but quick drying topcoat- it covers the nail like glass and brings out the glitter even more. I used OPI RapiDry for this purpose, although any topcoat that smooths the surface of the nail polish will do:

I decided to paint this on after realising that my potted hyacinths have flowered into fragrant, tall spikes of dark purple flowers. A purple nail polish was therefore declared to be the winner (I couldnt decide between my hundred bottles. Although I'm pretty sure thats not such a record number for someone who blogs about nail polish, albeit not that often). Does anyone here have more than me? What are your favourite colours?


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    1. Thank you, its one of my fvourites, even though I didnt like it at first, at all!