Thursday, 23 February 2012

Benefit Eye Wanna! Collection

I spotted this on sale in Debenhams and I just couldn't resist. I had additional 10% off the sale price as I recently applied for a Debenhams Card, so I figured why not.
The limited edition collection consists of two little creaseless cream eyeshadow pots in Static (taupe-ish silver) and Airbrush (nudey pink shade, I mostly use it as a base and I think it brightens my eyes somewhat) and three generously sized powder eyeshadows in Skyline, Inked and Deco (light cornflower blue, navy and red toned purple respectively).
 I love the illustration on the box, it was apparently drawn by a professional artist, although I havent looked at the details. I love the candy coloured eyeshadows and this palette seemed perfect for me
 Blurry pictures, but I was in a hurry to snap them

The case looks very sturdy and features a decent sized mirror on the lid, but only has a simple magnetic clasp, so I don't think it would be suitable for travel (except the creaseless cream pots that you can take out). There is a little booklet featuring different eye looks that can be done with this palette, and they are very interesting and seem to be wearable.

Startig from the top: Skyline, Inked, Deco, Static and Airbrush
I love the creamy consistency of the eyeshadows, and they do hold up well, but they dont look that nice on dry eyelids (which I had today, for some reason my skin was very dry today). I think the palette was worth it for these pots alone! They would appeal to people who love nudes as well!
The powder eyeshadows are very nice, but I have an inkling that Deco and Inked are similar to the Wet'n'Wild palette colours (purple from Spoiled Brat and dark blue from I Got Good Jeans), I should do a comprison, really.
Its a bit of a useless review, seeing as it was an LE palette and it was on sale, but it was my first big Benefit purchase and I wanted to share my views on it. If anyone spots this on sale, its worth a look! I used to think of Benefit as of a gimmicky brand, but this palette has swayed my opinion slightly (I do love Benetint too). It looks as if a lot of thought has been put into this, and I'm glad I picked it up.

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