Monday, 12 December 2011

Avon Super Shock Metallic Gel Eyeliner.

Gel eyeliners in pots are few and far between when it comes to high street- there is only a handful of brands (ELF, Barbara Daly, Maybelline) that caught up to the concept outside high end make-up, and Avon has joined these brands recently, with their new offering- Super Shock metallic cream liners that come in three shades- Shimmering Sapphire, Blackened Metal and Flashy Brown.
I have initially bought Blackened Metal when the product just came out, and after spotting a half price deal on it in a new Avon catalogue, I also decided to get Shimmering Sapphire. And I didn't regret this purchase!

Packaging of these is awesome, a sleek and heavy glass pot that feels much more expensive than you would expect from a budget brand. The lid is a simple screw top, with silver lettering on black plastic:

The only thing I don't like bout packaging is that it cleverly conceals how little of the product you get. Solid, heavy glass bottom coupled with a big lid , and you instantly get an impression of having much more product than you really get. I couldn't find the weight on the packaging, so I can't say how much you really get, but I guess that its slightly less than what you get with ELF cream liner. Still, at the price, you can't really complain.
Both shades live up to their names- Blackened Metal is a very dark charcoal grey that looks almost black, and Shimmering Sapphire is a vibrant cobalt blue with soft shimmer, and both have a somewhat metallic finish:

Blackened Metal has a hefty dose of silver sparkles, though it doesn't look too over the top once you apply it. Its a very pretty and wearable shade that looks softer than plain black.
Shimmering Sapphire is very bright blue colour that has a  oft and subtle shimmer.

Application was somewhat tricky- the product doesn't have a gel or even cream consistency, so I think the term "gel liner" is somewhat of a misnomer. The product feels a bit like a solidified cream (if that makes sense) and is a bit crumbly and hard once you pick it up with a brush. It doesn't drag on the eyes but you have to pack it on with your brush and make several swipes across your eyelid in order to get a good intensity. Blackened Metal was crumblier and harder to pick up than Sapphire, because of the metallic sparkles. The sparkles don't feel gritty on the eyelid, nor do they irritate my fairly sensitive eyes, but they did make application tricky. Sapphire was smoother and easier to apply.
Once applied, they set almost immediately and don't budge from your lashline for good for good few hours, even on my oily eyelids with no primer or setting powder.
Here is a shot of me wearing Shimmering Sapphire:

I love the vivid colour and I think it would compliment most eye colours nicely. 
Avon Supershock Metallic Gel liner can be bought either from a rep or via Avon website. It usually retails at £6, but I bought it for £3, so keep your eyes peeled for an offer!

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