Thursday, 8 December 2011

Avon Sequined Turquoise

One of the four shades in Avon's Sequins and Shine collection. Its pretty green colour is tad deeper than turqouise- to me it looks more teal. I initially expected it to be a dupe of my Accessorize Mermaid, but Sequined Turquoise lacks the fine golden shimmer and blue-green duochrome of Mermaid.
The colour of this one doesn't change in any light, remaining rich and deep, with silver glitter creating a beautiful foiled effect.

Unfortunately, it also gives me hands that any lobster would be proud of. Its also is a bit patchy and sheer on application, and becomes a little dull on drying (but its nothing a good topcoat won't solve). It dries rather quickly, so it wouldn't be hard to add a fourth coat. It chips pretty quickly too
Removal is a pain, as with all glitters. 
Still, it would be a good choice for cool-toned girls and would make a good choice for a party.
It retails for £6 pounds and can be bought either online from site or from a representative. I bought this on an offer,which is what I advice to everyone, considering how often Avon have them.


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