Thursday, 22 December 2011

ELF Golden Goddess

I love glitter, especially holographic variety, so ELF's Golden Goddess deserves a special place in my nail polish collection. Layered over a dark polish (I used W7s Metallic Jupiter) it looks like a starry sky, which is very appropriate for festive season:
A mixture of fine gold  and large holographic hexagonal glitters suspended in a clear yellow base. It looks pretty enough on its own, but I dislike the yellowish hue that it gives to nails, and it would take at least three coats to cover the nail completely.
It dries quickly, but weirdly, with cracks appearing on the surface (I hope its just a duff bottle I got) and becomes dull, almost matte. The holographic glitter also feels gritty to touch, so a topcoat is a must, and it better be a thicker one. The manicure held up well, except the peeling on the middle finger.
Glitter removal takes ages, too. 
Still, even with the inconvenience of glitter removal and having to use a topcoat, I am very happy with this nail polish- its cheap (£1.50 from, and its very pretty. 

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