Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Barielle Falling Star

This is the second Barielle shade I've got to show you. Neither this, nor Myrza's Meadow are new shades, they were around the blogosphere for sometime, and I was lemming for this one for ages. I was hoping that this could be a beginning to a great love affair, but sadly, this was a passionate but brief romance.

Barielle Falling Star

I loved the novelty of this shade, and the fiery copper sparkle that twinkled seductively from the depths of medium blue creme polish, and for a moment I thought that Falling Star could take a special place in my heart and join the beautiful blue polishes I love and cherish. I have anticipated the bumpy feel of chunky glitter and the its hungriness for a topcoat (I used two thick coats of Sally Hansen's InstaDri), in order to achieve a smooth finish.  I could have dealt with it easily. But the relative sheerness of such a dark nail polish (I needed four coats to full opacity) and the patchy application have disappointed my fickle heart, and there was not enough fire in the coppery glitter to rekindle our romance. I still love this charming rogue of a polish, and I would probably reach for it again when I am bored of others. But I am not in love with it. Which is a shame.

I think the copper glitter goes nicely with my mehdi (courtesy of my lovely friend), which kind of redeems it in my eyes.

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