Saturday, 14 April 2012

Wet 'n' Wild 8 Pan Palette in Petal Pusher

I didn't expect to receive this one so soon, with it being shipped from USA and all. And the it landed in my house a week after I purchased it. Awesome speed. It was packaged snugly, in layers of bubble wrap and tape, which is great for a fragile little item like that. And so, it arrived in a pristine condition, which I was very happy about. 

The palette itself is not very big, just about fits in my hand, and is very slimline. It features no mirror, which isn't a big thing to me- these eyeshadows are sadly fragile and are easy to break, so I would have to use these in the safety of my house (not that my house is safe for fragile things, as numerous broken eyeshadows would testify). It has one of these cheap sponge applicators with a flimsy brush included, which is a waste of money as it is completely useless. But hey, its a cheap brand, so they must cut corners somewhere along the line, though it would have been easier to just scrap this brush altogether

Its sealed well too- nothing I hate more than make-up that doesn't have a proper seal/ isn't shrink wrapped and could (possibly) have been opened by someone else (some high street brands are guilty of this). I love the Browbone/Eyelid/Crease/Definer descriptions stamped on the eyeshadows, a nice touch.

The back shows application scheme and suggestions for different looks. 

The swatches of first four eyeshadows are about two swipes on un-primed skin, with the lightest shades being fairly weak in pigmentation and colour pay off.

My favourites out of this bunch are the two pans on the right hand side. The shimmery pink wouldn't be too bad for inner corner to brighten the eye, and the plummy shade with gold sheen is just awesome on the eyelid. I love pink/purple shades with gold sheen, and this one does not disappoint:

Wet'n'Wild Petal Pusher palette swatches

My favourites out of crease/definer colours is the crease colour on the right hand side. Gorgeous dark plummy purple with reddish sparkle

Wet'n'Wild Petal Pusher palette swatches

My favourite eyeshadow (eyelid colour in the right column) didn't come out well in swatches, so I took closer pictures:

Conclusion: Whilst the pale pink/white/lilac shades  are fairly nondescript and weak in pigmentation, the darker colours are smooth and blendable, with impressive pigmentation. I would have bought the palette again, if only for the second eyelid colour (in the right column). These eyeshadows are worth it for the price. I love purple and pink eyeshadow, and the ones in this palette are some of the softest and smoothest I used. In fact, two colours from this palette remind me somewhat of the two shades in Urban Decay's 15th anniversary palette (Tainted & Omen), I must do some comparisons soon!

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