Thursday, 12 April 2012

Models Own Ibiza Mix

This nail polish is from the new Hed Kandi collection by Models Own. I love glitters, and this collection has two glitters that I just had to have- Ibiza Mix (multi-coloured glitter of different size in clear base), which features today and Disco Mix (a particularly stunning mixture of minute gold glitter with blue and green glitter thrown in).
I layered two Ibiza Mix over the bright fuchsia creme (Hibiscus by Natural Collection, a lovely blue-based dark pink). The effect is very gaudy, and I don't normally go for such bright combinations, but I really like it. Its very sparkly and vivid, and reminds me of shiny foil wrappers for chocolate. Perfect for spring!

Model's Own Ibiza Mix over Natural Collection Hibiscus

This is the picture of all three polishes:

Model's Own Hed Kandi and Beetlejuice

Application was stinky (smell of toluene, I think) and glitter was hard to push around for a more even coverage, it tended to clump on the same spot on the nail, but the formula doesnt dry too fast, so I had time to spread it a bit more evenly. The finish is really gritty, but this is a  crazy glitterfest we are talking about, you wouldn't expect an even application with this finish. I don't think this polish would be easy to wear on its own- you'd need about 5 coats, and then you would have to remove those 5 coats. This one is not a fast drier either, so there would be some waiting for the polish to become touch dry whilst inhaling stinky chemical fumes.
As a layering polish, however, this one isn't bad. A quick way to make your manicure more party-worthy,which points to the theme of the collection.

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