Monday, 23 April 2012

Magnetic Nail Polish

This magnetic nail polish haul and review is brought to you by Color Club, Barry M and PinkTulipps.

I was working yesterday, and my work was dangerously near the much loved Sally's Beauty Supply shop, and I couldn't resist going there with an intent to buy one of the OPI Dutch Collection pieces. But once I set my foot in the shop I have been distracted with the dazzling array of Color Club's Magnetic Force collection nail polishes. Six beautiful shades at £7.99, and I was drawn to them the way iron particles are drawn to magnets. I tried to limit myself and only bought one (practically virtuous for me).

The shade name was Sci-Fi, which I think suits it well. Its a golden olive colour with amazing green glitter that is revealed after you expose the polish to magnet- haven't seen anything like it!
Color Club Sci Fi under natural light.

Sadly, I don't have enough patience to hold the magnet long enough for a sharper pattern to form, and the pattern begins to blur the longer you wear it. It used to be more clear on the first day, and this is the second day of wear. My camera makes it look even more blurry than in real life.
Color Club Sci Fi under artificial light

The golden glitter particles are more visible under artificial light, but the pattern is still blurry. I think the name Sci-Fi fits this nail polish well.

Later, I popped into Superdrug, where I spotted the new Barry Magnetic nail polishes. The choice of different magnet patterns and shades for these is staggering for a high street brand - there were the common green wave patterns (like the one on my pictures), shevrons, alternating wave patterns (hard to describe, but imagine sine and a cosine wave together) and star patterns (I am wearing this on my middle finger). 

I bought the blue nail polish with the star pattern, which cost me £5. I didn't try the blue nail polish yet, but I used the magnet on Color Club Sci Fi, and the magnet worked just fine. It was fairly weak and fiddly to align the magnet correctly so the pattern is not off centre. 
All the patterns are printed on the black nail polish caps.

This is a good, imaginative offering from a decent high street brand- I have been waiting for magnetic polishes with new and different patterns for a while, and Barry M satisfied my curiosity (at a reasonable price tag!)

I was very pleased with Color Club Magnetic Force nail polish line as well, as it contains two magnetic nail polishes WITH GLITTER! I love glitter, and it makes the magnetic pattern look even prettier. The other glitter magnetic shade is Cop an Attitude, a beautiful russet nail polish with copper glitter running through (sadly, I have no picture of it).

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