Monday, 9 April 2012

Barielle Myrza's Meadow

I made my first ever Barielle order few weeks ago, when I was reading beauty blogs instead of doing something useful and clicked on a link to their UK site. The minute I saw "50% sale" banner, I knew I would definitely have a good look at their selection. The minute I saw "Free delivery on orders over £15", I knew I would make that order. And they had a shade I was drooling over for a long time- Falling Star, a dusky royal blue nail polish with dense copper glitter. I also picked out their Hydrating Ridge Filler basecoat, but couldnt make up my mind with regards to another nail polish (to get my order to £15). I hesitated a bit and then chose Myrza's Meadow, a light pastel green with dispersed holographic sparkle. I have nothing like that in my collection, and this is a notion you come to appreciate when your collection is nearing 100 bottles and half of them are near perfect dupes. 

The order took around two weeks to arrive (and I received no shipping notification, so e-mailed them a week later to ask whether my order is coming. No reply) and when it did arrive, the bottle with Falling Star broke, soaking the bottle with Myrza's Meadow and the envelope. To their credit, they did package the bottles in bubble wrap, but I guess the bottles themselves are fragile, because the replacement bottle that arrived very speedily had a chip in the base. I don't like the fact that such a reputable brand doesnt have outer cardboard packaging, which nowadays pretty much most brands have, or that their bottles are that fragile.

Barielle Myrza's Meadow NOTD

The application of this polish was horrible- it was sheer and yet thick and gloopy, and applied in a patchy/streaky way. I used four coats for full opacity, and it made it look a bit thick on my nails. I still love the colour, its very light and suitable for spring. The glitter is very bumpy and you can't see it from the distance, but it looks amazing when light hits it. This shade really does remind me of a meadow- and my overgrown garden,which looks more like a meadow than a garden, was a perfect backdrop to take a photo of this beauty:

The smell, for  a salon brand (which I think Barielle are) is really strong and unpleasant (not like the W7 ones, but still very smelly) and gave me a headache. The nail polish is free of nasties like toluene/formaldehyde/DBP. Maybe it s my individual reaction to it?

I was waiting for the sun to come out of the clouds to try and capture the holo sparkle better, but then gave up and took the nail polish off to swatch Barielle. And the sun came out as soon as I finished wiping off the last nail. Damn

Despite my issues with the order, and tricky application, I am glad I bought  this one- its pretty and unusual, and thats good enough for me. I'm not sure I would order from Barielle again, but I am glad I tried it at least.

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