Thursday, 26 April 2012

George at Asda Boomerang

I don't know why it is called Boomerang, but my own name for it would be something like Coffee. Or Dark Chocolate. It has this rich, almost black brown base with copper shimmer that appealed to me instantly, even though I hardly every buy browns (Out of my whole collection, only 4 bottles can be described as brown). The warm copper shimmer is not as obvious on the nail s in the bottle, but I think the understated glow of this shimmer makes it look very elegant and stops it from being flatly brown:

Boomerang in natural light

I have never seen anything like that in high street nail polish line ups. It looks ,more expensive than you would expect given that its only £1.75 in retail. Which is just as well, because everything else apart from   the colour reveals the price tag. Its gloopy and hard to apply evenly, the brush is very hard to wield with any accuracy and stop it from splashing on your cuticles. Its also patchy and slow drying, even with a fast dry topcoat. Wears off pretty fast and smudges easily.

If it werent for crap quality, I'd have put it in the top 10 list, because the colour is just gorgeous (I dont think my swatch does it justice). As it is, I would only wear it when I feel particularly masochistic.

I guess that for £1.75, great colour and opacity at two coats would be satisfactory, and whilst being tricky, its not totally unworkable. But this is not a reliable, quick and easy choice for a breezy manicures. Am I asking for impossible? But I have used many a great quality nail polishes from this brand, so my expectations are somewhat high. Still, this is a great colour to add to my collection.

Retails at around £1.75(depending on offers) in Asda stores.

Under electric light

My attempt at a macro shot

Natural light

The shimmer is more obvious under artifial light and strong sunlight.

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