Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Blue and Gold EOTD

I really like using blue eyeliner in summer, because the colour just seems suitable for sunny days, and I often pair it with gold eyeshadow. Today's look was very quick, and using just three products- SuperShock Gel Liner by Avon and two of the Wet'n'Wild Color Icon Palettes, one colour from each. I love Wet'n'Wild eyeshadows- they are best I have tried to date, smooth and pigmented and blendable, with an impressive staying power. They don't crease even on my oily eyelids, and that's saying something. The only two things I dislike about these eyeshadows is how fragile they are (two of the palettes I have used have pans that are smashed to pieces) and the fact that they are only available in America. 

As you can see from this picture, half of the crease colour pan is missing- it crumbled and spilled over the adjacent pans, even though I handled them with extra care. I guess thats the price you pay for such smooth and soft texture. All shades in this palette are smooth as butter and rich in colour. The gold shade is particularly smooth, with minimal fallout when using a brush. The brown produces a lot of fallout, so I either pat it on with my finger or use a smudger from my Avon eyeshadow brush to use it as a liner.

I used the gold shade all over the eyelid, applying it with my fingers, out of sheer laziness. I applied it after applying my eyeliner (Avon SuperShock, which I blogged about here)

I then added the crease colour from the I Got Good Jeans palette, which is a deep blue with light blue shimmer running through:
My camera picks this up as flat blue, which it isn't. In retrospect, I realize that I should have swatched it on my arm too, so that the shades could be shown in all their glory.

I won these trios from a giveaway by lovely Lipglossiping, and I ordered one of their eight pan palettes from eBay - the delivery time is up to a month, according to the seller*. I ordered another eight pan palette of a UK seller, but these dont come up often and there is not much choice when it comes to the Color Icon range (there is Wet'n'Wild stock sold in UK, but they differ in packaging and description to the Color Icon ones).
I just wish this brand was available in UK! I think that the $13 or around £8 for a palette with 8 colours is reasonable, especially if the quality is as good as with these trio palettes, so I don't mind ordering them from America. I just want to have my palette sooner! /Stamps feet and pouts.

* This is the first time I bought from this store, but the feedback for the seller seems to be good, and so far, I was happy with the communication between me and the seller

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